Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Little and Lewis Blue for My Garden Gate

I'm a big fan of those garden guys Little and Lewis.  Check out their extraordinary gardens in their book A Garden Gallery: The Plants, Art, and Hardscape of Little and Lewis.  I especially love the blue they call Little and Lewis blue.  It is a blue that leans toward lavender.  I had my local paint store mix up something that I think is really close and I color washed my side yard gate.
 At first it was kind of funny because it was so BLUE and there wasn't a lot of blue in the front garden to go with it, but I have been adding blue elements all summer to the front and now it is really wonderful.
These pictures were taken right after I painted it.  I will get some good shots of the garden later this summer that will show more of the blue accents.  My husband kept kidding me about it ... "Oh look, we have a gate!  I never saw it before."  Things like that : - )
Other projects lately have included an air conditioner (yeah!!!).  It is a ductless, split system by Daikin and man oh man is it nice to have air conditioning on these hot summer days!  Split systems are supposed to be super cheap to run and very efficient.  We'll see when we get the electric bill!  It sure wasn't cheap to have put in!  ha!
 Also, wood screens with copper screening added to the dining room windows.  As you can see, I still have to fill in the missing shingles there and some paint would be nice : - )
Things move at a slow pace around here.  As my husband says ... "One man, one hammer, one nail."  Somehow I got left out of that ...